Standard Private Lessons

Intended for dogs aged 16 weeks and older, during a private lesson we will work with you and your dog on techniques and how to fix specific issues like resource guarding, reactivity, etc.

As one on one private lessons, each dog and their owners are the focus of the trainer’s time. By participating in our Standard Private Lessons, your dog will start to learn the basics of obedience behaviors such as: sit, loose leash walking, down, coming when called, as well as foundational focusing activities.

Private lessons can be scheduled as frequently as you'd like.  Once your hour long lesson is finished, you will have training homework to keep working on the techniques until the next lesson.

How to Prepare For Class:
  • Your dog must be on a properly fitting flat collar, slip collar, or Martingale, and a proper leash. Please no Flexi leashes. During your first lesson, we will properly fit your dog for their training collar. Collars may be purchased at the end of your lesson.
  • Please allow your dog to go potty prior to class. Bathroom breaks are given on an as needed basis.
  • During lessons, dogs will be rewarded heavily with treats. To prevent upset tummies from over feeding, please don’t feed prior to class.
  • It is recommended to bring your dogs breakfast, lunch, or dinner to use as rewards. If you think your dog may not respond to their kibble, please bring a higher value food reward.
  • Please bring enough training treats to use for the entire session. We do not supply treats.