What is a balanced trainer?

This nitrocanine.com article adeptly goes into detail about this training concept, and we'll go ahead and quote them here: "Simply put, a balanced trainer uses both rewards and corrections to train and rehabilitate dogs. A good balanced trainer uses positive reinforcement (just like the food folks) until the point that it doesn’t work anymore. You see, balanced trainers understand the fact that there will ALWAYS come a point at which the behavior you don’t want (chasing squirrels) is far more rewarding to the dog than the reward you’re offering (cookies)."

What are your vaccine requirements?

We require all our guests to be current on their Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella Vaccines.

What type of kennel do you use?

We use standard wire crates and Ruffland Kennels.

Is it normal for dogs to be overly thirsty or hungry after a day of daycare?

Yes, dogs may be unusually hungry or thirsty on daycare days. They have amplitude supply of water both inside and outside. We cannot force dogs to drink, but we do make sure there is plenty of clean, fresh water. Running and playing creates a big appetite too! Your dog may need an extra snack on daycare days.

Are there staff onsite 24/7?

Yes! To ensure the safety of all pets, we have overnight staff.

How far in advanced should reservations be made?

For all of our services, we can make them as far in advance as you’d like but ask that you give at least 24-hour notice. We do not accept walk-in appointments and the 24 hour window does not guarantee a spot.