Grooming Services

Baths, blow outs, nail trims, and haircuts! Stinky pup? Need a trim? Our expert groomer handles a wide variety of breeds and coat types with skill and compassion.

Types of Grooming Services

Based on the length of your dog's hair and desired outcome, there are two options for your dog's grooming visit: bath and tidy or full groom. Our Bath and Tidy is our basic grooming service for shorter haired dogs or dogs with longer hair who just need a touch up. This includes a bath, brush, blow dry, ear cleaning, nail trim, sanitary trim, face trim, deshedding (if needed) and shaving of paw pads. Our Full Groom is for our pups in need of a full haircut. This includes bath, blow dry, ear cleaning, nail trim, hair cut, sanitary trim, deshedding (if needed) and shaving of paw pads. Double coated breeds are not recommended for full grooms, only bath and tidy. Double coated breeds do not benefit from having their hair trimmed down beneath their undercoat. To preserve the integrity of their coat, we do not shave or give short haircuts to double coated breeds. Any excess undercoat that needs to be removed can be removed during a bath and tidy.

Pricing and Quotes

Before we can quote you for grooming, we will need a little more information on your dog! Please first complete our grooming form, and we can then provide our prices to you.


Prior to scheduling any grooming, we need you to complete our online registration and have vaccination records on file. Registration can be completed by clicking the "customer login" tab on our website. Once your account is complete, please email your dogs vaccine records to or upload a copy of your dog's vaccination records to your account showing they are up to date to the following vaccinations: Distemper Parvo Bordetella Rabies (if your dog is over 4 months)


We require a $40 deposit for all grooming services. Without a deposit, your appointment time can be forfeited.

Cancelation Policy

Cancellations: We understand that plans change. If something comes up and you can no longer make your appointment, we ask that you please follow our two day cancellation policy. If you notify us within a two day window, you will not be charged for your missed appointment.If you do not cancel within two days before your reservation from your Dog Den customer portal, you will be charged with the card on file for price of the service.

Matted Dog fees

There is a $1 per minute fee for dematting.

Late Drop Off Fee

If you do not arrive within 15 minutes of your scheduled time, there will be a $20 late drop off fee.