Board & Train Programs

Our Board & Train Program is a 14 - day program where your dog will stay in our facility. During our Board & Train program, your dog will board in our facility and will learn basic obedience commands. During the first half of your dog's Board & Train Program you cannot visit your dog so that they and the trainers can form a relationship and set new rules and boundaries to begin their path to success.

During the last 4 days, we encourage you to meet with us because this is where we show you everything your dog is learning and what you need to do once they go home to maintain their training. Once they have gone home from their Board & Train Program we would encourage you to do follow-up private lessons. With Board & Train you will receive 6 private lessons to use at your convenience once your dog goes home. These are a great opportunity to ask any additional questions and proof your technique.

Our Board & Train Program is customizable and tailored to fix individual issues and address dog specific needs.  We understand that no two dogs are alike and treat them as such.

While Your Dog is Here

Your dog’s day will include multiple training sessions to work toward accomplishing your goals. Your can be expected to be proficient in sit, loose leash walking, stay and place (all on leash). In addition to training, if your dog is dog friendly they will participate in our playgroups based on temperament in our indoor and outdoor areas. In addition to playing in our playgroups your dog will also receive one on one time from our staff. For the safety of our dogs, we have overnight staff.

What to Bring

  • Switching food can cause upset stomach. Please provide enough food for your dog’s entire stay in ziplock bags or a small container. If you do not supply food there will be an additional charge of $2 per meal.
  • We are happy to administer medications or supplements. Please have medication in a secure container with details instructions.
  • You are welcome to bring toys/from home, but we cannot guarantee they will be in the same condition when you return.


  • Dogs must be at least 4 months old and have the required vaccines.
  • Intact females may participate in Board and Train, however not during a heat cycle or two weeks before or after.
  • Intact males are welcomed, but depending on temperament may not be allowed in playgroup.
  • All dogs must be up to date on their Distemper, Parvo, Bordetella and Rabies vaccine.
  • Fleas can spread easily. We recommend having your dogs on flea and tick prevention.
  • Full payment is due on the last day of Board & Train.