Founded in 2018, Dog Den Chicago is a small facility dedicated to the highest quality of care and training for dogs of all sizes. By limiting our intake, staff can spend time with each pup and get to know your dog’s individual personality, quirks, and habits. Group Play Sessions are always monitored by Dog Den staff members. Dog Den Chicago stands firmly behind balanced training methods and recognizes that it is the absolute best way to train a dog. Dog Den Chicago takes pride in being friendly, knowledgeable, and professional in all situations.

Owner and founder, Alexa has been working with dogs professionally since 2013. She has worked in a veterinary office, with rescue, in boarding/daycare, grooming, and training. However, it was her passion for training and boarding and dissatisfaction with other facilities that pushed her to start her own business. What started as a small operation, working with her partner Eddie out of their home, quickly outgrew that home setting. Opening a facility was the next step in being able to host and help more amazing dogs. With the help of family and friends, Alexa’s dream came true. Alexa and Eddie have been running Dog Den Chicago since its inception in 2018. They are dedicated to professionalism in the industry, continuing education to learn how to better serve their clients, and maintaining the highest standards in canine care.
The youngest members of the Dog Den team can sometimes be found hanging out with their mom or dad behind the counter. During pick up or drop off you may meet Aria and Meadow, Alexa, and Eddie’s daughter’s who are already dog-obsessed

Alexa and Eddie have an Australian Shepherd named Koba and a mixed breed named Cali at home. Cali loves to use her nose and Koba will chase a ball for hours.

Meet The Dog Den Team


Savana has been with Dog Den Chicago since 2018. She has a cat named C-Czar and dreams of having a Dalmatian someday. Savana is passionate about nail design and also works as a nail technician.

Favorite part about working at Dog Den: Spending time with dogs at work since she can’t have one of her own.


Emma has been with Dog Den since 2018. She enjoys working in boarding and daycare but found her true calling in grooming. During Emma’s free time she loves spending her time swimming. She has two Australian Shepherds at home, Opal and Rose. Emma has family who lives on a farm and has grown up around and loved herding breeds.

Emma’s favorite breeds are Australian Shepherds and German Shepherds

Favorite part about working at Dog Den: Opportunities and encouragement to develop skills and grow.


Dog Den Chicago’s head trainer, Alex has nearly 10 years of experience with countless dogs of all breeds and temperaments. His training philosophy emphasizes teaching at your dog’s pace, fair expectations, and establishing a clear communication system. Alex creates training plans based on the dog’s individual needs and the owner’s goals for their dog. It’s very important to train the dog you have, not the dog you wish you had. Common themes he focuses on are building a dog’s confidence, establishing healthy boundaries, and working with a dog’s natural drives (motivators). He ranges from beginner obedience for puppies to behavior modification for severely reactive dogs.

Alex has been with a Dog Den Chicago since its inception in 2018. He is always learning and developing his own skills, to be a better trainer for his clients. Alex is a dog lover at heart, with a particular soft spot for the “trouble makers” and English Bulldogs.