Dog Den is made up of sibling dog trainers, Alex and Alexa, and their friend Alana.  Their training passion was sparked by their dogs, Lulu a husky, Cali a Pitbull, and Kenzie a Rottweiler. After trying different styles, they all recognize that balanced training is the most effective and beneficial training method for dogs and their owners. Because of training they enjoys taking their dogs on field trips (dog friendly stores, events, parks, hiking, vacations, etc.) and having company without any worry of their dogs reacting or misbehaving.

In addition to their passion for dog training, the trio had a hard time finding a boarding facility they felt safe leaving their own dogs with, which led them to open Dog Den Chicago. Dog Den's central focus is to create a personalized home-away-from-home for you and your dog. To provide the highest level of care and compassion during your dogs stay in our facility, we accept a limited amount of dogs in our facility.

About Alexa

For her entire life, Alexa has owned dogs and volunteered with rescue organizations. She rescued her first dog on her own, a pit-bull mix named Cali. Cali was afraid of dogs and exhibited bad behaviors because of her fear, starting Alexa on her path of dog training. Training has given Cali more confidence, and Alexa and Cali’s bond is stronger. Recently, Alexa's pack has grown: Rictus, a German Shepherd/ American Bulldog mix and Koba, an Australian Shepherd joined the family. Alexa believes that training is vital to owning a dog because it fosters a deep relationship based on trust, fun, and love.

Meet Alexa's Dogs!


Koba is an Australian Shepherd puppy who never sleeps, but always eats and loves to chew on his favorite pair of crocs. He started agility lessons and when he grows up he aspires to be an agility master. ​​Registered name: Ck's Ape On The Loose


Cali is a pit-bull mix. Her favorite things to do are cuddle with her humans, watch Friends, and take long naps. In her spare time she chases squirrels and bunnies. But only for short periods of time; Cali is not a runner. Registered name: Calliope My Calamari Calzone


Rictus is a 2 year old German Shepherd/American Bulldog mix. He loves his kong, tug toy, and climbing trees. His favorite way to exercise is to jump up into the tree and retrieve his toy.

About Alana

Alana's training experience began with her Rottweiler, Kenzie, who resource guarded bones and was aggressive toward family members. Through balanced training, her aggression issues were solved, and it was revealed that her misbehaving was because of anxiety and lack of confidence. Starting with Kenzie, the training spark was ignited. In August of 2017, Rajah, a Belgian Tervuren, came home and changed Alana's life. They have entered the conformation ring together and hope to become champions just like his parents. Balanced training has made Rajah a happy, motivated working partner who loves training and playing.

Meet Alana's Dogs!


Kenzie is a 5 year old Rottweiler. She loves running in the woods and playing with a frisbee. She is a friendly, loving girl, who loves people and smiling.


Rajah is a Belgian Tervuren puppy with big dreams. He hopes to become a champion in the conformation ring like his parents and excel in obedience. He loves to train all day and never gets tired (really, he never gets tired). Fetch and tug are his favorite games and he could play for hours. He is a super fluffy boy and loves being brushed. Registered name: Kanna's Arabian Night CGC TKN


Dyna is a crazy, little Corgi mix who lives for a game of fetch. Although she is short, she is fiesty. Dyna can outrun almost any dog and is wicked smart. She is young, at 2 years old and came from humble beginnings. At four weeks old, Dyna and her brother were found in a cardboard box on the side of a highway. Rescued at 8 weeks old, Alana's family has loved her ever since.

About Alex

Similar to Alexa, Alex grew up with many animals and there developed his passion for working with animals. Alex began training because of Lulu, his Siberian Husky had terrible manners, frequently escaped, and was destructive.. In his old age, Lulu is enjoying his retirement from intense training.  Nami, a Belgian Malinois is Alex’s working dog. Nami was severely under socialized when Alex acquired him. Training has made Nami sociable and happy. Over the summer of 2017, Dwight, a Brussels Griffon joined Alex's pack. Although he is tiny, Dwight is as free and reliable as Alex's bigger dogs because of balanced training.

Meet Alex's Dogs!


Dwight Schrute, the grumpiest Brussels Griffon around. He likes to take after his big brother, Nami, but don't tell him he isn't a Malinois (because he really believes he is one). Naps and snuggling are his favorite things. He has many outfits and looks particularly good in stripes and neck scarves. Things Dwight doesn't like: being woken up from naps (see photo), when there's no more food (because he ate it all).


Lulu is a 7 year old Husky who loves people and running around in the woods. He's gentle with babies and loves taking naps in the snow. Lulu's favorite color is purple and his purple fluffy blanket is his prized possession.


Nami is a 3 year old Belgian Malinois with limitless energy and drive. He can play ChuckIt for days and playing tug is his all time favorite thing. Small but mighty, Nami loves bitework, doing tricks, working on cars and going on adventures.