Drop off your dog while you work or need time to yourself! Dogs will play in our playgroups in our outdoor and indoor areas. They will also have frequent one on one attention and playtime from staff throughout the day.

Trial Day
    • All new daycare dogs are required to go through a one trial day of daycare.
    • Trials are by appointment only and price is the cost of one daycare visit.
    • The trial day is their first day of daycare.
    • During this time dogs will be evaluated by our staff to determine if our facility is a good fit.
    • Completed registration form is required prior to their trial day.
    • Vaccines must be on record prior to the trial day. Vaccines cannot be brought in the morning of service.
    • Please note, to keep peace with our neighbors, we do not allow excessive barkers to participate in Daycare or Boarding.  It is not unusual for a dog to excessive bark at home, but not at a facility and vice versa. We highly encourage a trial day for all dogs to see if our facility is a good fit.
What to Bring for Daycare
  • Dogs 6 months and older may only have one (1) meal during daycare, unless medically necessary.
  • Food: Your dog needs breakfast, lunch, or dinner, food must be brought in a ziplock bag labeled with their name. Reusable containers may not be returned to their original condition or may get lost. Absolutely NO GLASS CONTAINERS.
  • Medication:  If your dog needs medication, you must bring detailed written instructions with the name of your dog, description of medicine, and the correct dosage on a separate sheet of paper, not just on the bottle. For example; Fido, Aqpouel a white pill, once a day in the morning, 16mg.
  • Please note: our staff members are not trained veterinary technicians and therefore we have limitations for caring for dogs with medical needs.
  • Dogs must be cooperative when taking medication (i.e. will easily take their medicine with food, pill pocket, hot dog, etc.) to ensure they receive their medication.
  • If dogs need medicine more than 2 times per day, recommended that the client should board their dog at a vet’s office.
Daycare Requirements
  • Trial day
  • Flat Collar: Dog(s) must wear a properly fitting flat collar. Dogs who wear harnesses daily must also be provided with a flat collar during their stay.
  • Vaccines must be up to date.
    • Distemper, Parvo, Bordetella, and Rabies vaccines required and must be on file with Dog Den.
  • Dogs that are dog-friendly (as observed and determined by Dog Den Chicago staff during their trial day) are eligible for our dog daycare.
  • Dogs that are not dog-friendly (as observed and determined by Dog Den Chicago staff) are not eligible for our dog daycare.
  • Intact males/females are welcome for daycare on a case-by-case basis and may be excused for poor behavior.
  • Intact females may not participate in daycare while in heat. Heat cycles last 21 days. Before returning to daycare, females should receive a bath at the client’s expense once the heat cycle has finished washing away any lingering smells. If a dog goes into heat during daycare, the client needs to be contacted and asked to pick up their female immediately.
  • Flea and tick prevention is highly recommended.
Cancellation/Payment Policy
  • Dog Den daycare currently does not have a cancellation policy.
  • Daycare is by appointment only and we do not allow more than 25 dogs on the premises on any given day. By not canceling your daycare reservation you are preventing another dog from joining us that day.
  • If you have added on a grooming service, you must cancel within 24 hours or there is a $25 cancellation fee.