Daycare 2.0

in January of 2022, Dog Den has made a big switch from being a standard dog daycare and boarding facility to a mentally and physically stimulating enrichment-based facility.

What is Enrichment?

Enrichment is defined as providing animals with needed environmental stimuli that satisfy their natural instincts, which promotes greater physical, psychological, and emotional wellbeing. Dogs were bred to work, and without appropriate ways to use their natural gifts, they will often exhibit problematic behaviors, signs of boredom, or become stressed and anxious. For dogs, enrichment activities provide an outlet for instincts like chewing, digging, foraging, herding, hunting, and scent tracking. Enrichment can aid in socialization, reduce stress and anxiety, prevent boredom, and provide mental and physical exercise.

What is the difference between Traditional and Enrichment Dog Daycare?

Traditional daycare focuses on wearing out a dog physically. Even with a structured system incorporating breaks and naps, dogs that visit too frequently experience burn out, lack of desire to play as they used to, and overall boredom. But really, it’s essentially the same routine every day. Enrichment based daycare exercises the dog’s mind and body providing a more balanced experience. The goal isn’t just to make the dog tired, it's to fulfil the dog’s innate needs for physical as well as mental exercise. Dogs want to use their nose, dig, explore, and so much more that there just isn’t time for in a large group play setting. Taking daycare outside of the brick and mortar, outside of just the play group, and out into the world stimulates the senses, challenges the mind, and condition the body. Dog Den’s new Daycare 2.0 is an even more individualized experience than our present program. Daily activities will be tailored to each dog’s favorite things and areas where they may need improvement. This program is also an opportunity to continue and maintain their training beyond Day School or Board and Train. We are extremely excited to be introducing this program and believe strongly that its mission will have a great impact on its guests.

Communication and Updates

Because Daycare 2.0 encompasses so many new activities for your dog, we want to make sure to share as many of these daily experiences with you as possible. We will be continuing to post pictures and videos of enrichment activities and playgroups on our Instagram and Facebook accounts. Make sure you follow us to stay up to date! Along with pictures and videos of your dogs having a blast, we will be including some facts about what we are doing, how it is beneficial, and tips on how you can integrate it into your lives at home. We will also be sending home report cards through email to give you a recap of the activities we did, how your dog felt about them, and any other shareable moments specific to your dog’s experience.


This is not a subject that we take lightly. Safety is our absolute top priority at Dog Den. Our entire staff is certified in pet CPR and first aid. Our low staff-to-dog ratio ensures that your dog will be closely supervised at all times by professionals who are experts in dog behavior. Dogs will be kept separated by crates, gates, or playpens during all activities involving food or high-value items, giving them a safe space to think and explore without having to worry about another dog stealing their resources.

Cleaning and Sanitization

Here at Dog Den, we pride ourselves on our extensive and thorough cleaning procedures. The toys and puzzles that dogs eat from will be completely sanitized after use. The chemicals we use are formulated to be pet-safe and are stored out of the dogs’ reach. Every part of our facility is regularly cleaned throughout the day, and we perform a deep clean at the end of each night, where we scrub the entire facility from top to bottom, including floors, walls, crates, equipment, the yard, and anything that humans or dogs come in contact with throughout the day.

What to Bring for Daycare

Food - If you dog needs a meal during their visit, please bring your dogs food in a disposable container with their name on it. Treats: If your dog requires special treats, please notify us and bring them with your pup to daycare. Medicine: Please speak with a Dog Den staff member about your medicine prior to scheduling your dog's daycare visit. There is a $5 daily medication fee.

What to Leave at Home

Bowls Blankets Toys

Cancelation Policy

We understand that plans change. If something comes up and you can no longer make your reservation, we ask that you please follow our two day cancellation policy. If you notify us within a two day window, you will not be charged for your missed reservation. If you have a package, the day you missed will carry over into the next month. Cancellations must be done through your online portal. Once you complete a cancellation through your online portal, you will receive a confirmation email. We will be strictly following this policy, as it gives us time to notify a client on the waitlist that a spot is open for them. If you do not cancel within two days before your reservation from your Dog Den customer portal, you will be charged with the card on file, or a package credit will be deducted.