Drop off your dogs while you work or need time to yourself! Dog daycare is a great way to ensure your dogs are safe, stimulated, and cared for while you are away from home. Dog Den Chicago has indoor and outdoor play areas in Forest Park.

About our facility and play area

We are a small family-owned facility. Dogs have access to 1,500sqft of play areas. Our indoor play area is temperature-controlled and equipped with a UV filtration system. Our outdoor play area is safe, secured, and fenced in. Our playgroup includes dogs of all sizes, so a trial day is required to be sure everyone gets along.


Reservations must be made in advance. We do not offer same-day reservations.  All reservations must be made through your online customer account or email by


  • Complete registration and up to date vaccination records on file.
  • Trial day (please view our trial day tab).

What to Bring to Daycare

  • Food: Please bring your dogs food in a disposable container with their name on it. Without labeling your dog's food, their food may be misplaced. Dogs who eat during daycare are required to rest for one hour after eating to allow for proper digestion. For safety, dogs are fed in their crate.
  • Medicine: Please speak with a Dog Den staff member about your medicine prior to scheduling your dog's daycare visit.
  • No blankets, toys, etc.

Cancelation Policy

  • Daycare is by appointment only and we do not allow more than 25 dogs on the premises on any given day. By not canceling your daycare reservation you are preventing another dog from joining us that day.
  • If you have added on a grooming service, you must cancel within 24 hours or there is a $25 cancellation fee.