Beginner Puppy Training

Intended for puppies 7-16 weeks old, this class is designed to help teach you how to prevent and alleviate common problems with very young dogs (i.e. puppy biting) as well as provide tips for housebreaking, feeding, exercising, and more.

As one on one private lessons, each puppy and their owners are the focus of the trainer’s time.  We encourage puppy parents to ask all of their questions during the lesson and want everyone feel as comfortable and excited as possible about beginning training with their puppy.


How to prepare for class:
  • Your puppy must be on a properly fitting flat collar, slip collar, Martingale or harness and a proper leash. Please no Flexi leashes.
  • Please bring enough training treats to use for the entire session. We do not supply treats.
  • To maintain good potty training habits, please let your puppy go potty prior to class.  Puppies will have potty breaks on an as needed basis.
  • During our beginner puppy lesson your puppy will receive a lot of food rewards, so it is best to make sure they have not eaten prior to class. We recommend brining your puppies breakfast, lunch or dinner instead of treats.