Puppy Skills

Our puppy skills lesson is an informational lesson where you will meet with one of our trainers to discuss how to teach your new puppy proper crate training, potty training, nipping prevention, and proper play and exercise.

As one on one lessons each puppy and their owners are the main focuses of the trainer’s time.  We encourage puppy parents to ask all of their questions during the lesson and want everyone to feel as comfortable and excited as possible

We recommend enrolling your puppy in one of our puppy skills lessons then following up with our puppy obedience course. Is your puppy already a pro at potty training, crate training, etc.? Go straight to our puppy obedience lesson!

Length of Each Lesson

45 minutes

Ages Requirement

8-12 weeks old

How to Prepare for Class
  • The participating puppy must be on a properly fitting flat collar or harness and a proper leash.
  • To maintain proper potty training habits, please allow your puppy to go potty prior to class. Puppies will have potty breaks on an as-needed basis.
  • During your lesson, your puppy will receive a lot of food rewards, so it is best to make sure they have not eaten prior to class. We recommend that you bring your puppies breakfast, lunch, or dinner in addition to treats. We do not supply treats.
Cancellation Policy

Cancellation must be made within 24-hours or there will be a $25 cancellation fee for all Private Lessons.