Day School

Who says you can’t teach an old(er) dog new tricks? Training is for dogs of all ages! Our day school program is a daylong school where your dog, aged 4 months or older, will learn basic obedience, enjoy playtime and socialize with other dogs. Day school is recommended for young dogs that have no prior obedience skills, or older dogs that need a refresher course on their basic skills. Dog Den Chicago only accepts 5 training prospects at one time to allocate the most attention and time to each dog in our care. Because of this, we recommend reserving a training program ahead of when you want your dog to visit with us. 

Training method

Balanced training is a modern training method that borrows from all previously established training methods. It involves the four quadrants of learning to clearly communicate to your dog about desired behaviors and undesired behaviors. It is a highly individualized approach to training. Trainers will get to know your dog to help you both achieve your training goals. Balanced training utilizes tools such as clickers, e-collars, toys, prong collars, and food to teach your dog.

When, where & how long?

Day School takes place right at our facility in Forest Park, Illinois on Monday - Friday for 3 weeks.

Age Requirements

Dogs must be at least 4 months to begin the program

What is taught?

By participating in our Day School program, your dog will learn their marker System (yes, good), introduction to leash handling, foundations of basic obedience such as sit, place, leave it, off. In addition they will learn loose leash walking with a training collar chosen by our trainer and foundations of their recall (coming when called). Training collars are dog dependent. 

How to maintain training?

While your dog is participating our Day School program, we encourage you to join us for 3 transfer lessons where you will see what your pup is learning and how to maintain their training. Once your dog has finished Day School, you have 5 private lessons that be used over the course of 6 months to help you maintain your training.

How to secure your spot?

After completing our online registration, we require a deposit to secure your spot. After your spot is secured with a deposit, we ask that you go through a training evaluation to discuss your goals with our trainer, and a trial day.

Deposit & Payment

We require a nonrefundable, nontransferable deposit of $500 to reserve your dog's place. The remaining balance will be split into two separate payments. The firtst half of the remaining payments will be billed on the first day of the program and the second half on the last day of the program. Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable to any other service. Please note, programs are first come first serve based on your deposit.