Puppy Obedience

By participating in our one on one Puppy Obedience Lesson, your puppy will start to learn the basics of obedience behaviors such as their marker system (yes, good, and no), sit, down, coming when called, as well as foundational focusing activities. Once your dog reaches 6 months of age, it will be time to move into our standard private lessons.

Length of Lesson

45 minutes

Age Requirement

8 weeks (2 months) - 6 months old

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation must be made within 24-hours or there will be a $50 cancellation fee.


Tips for a successful lesson!

  • Have your dog on a flat collar. If your dog wears a harness, bring an additional flat collar to use during their lesson.
  • Have a fixed leash. (no Flexi or bungee leashes).
  • Allow your dog to potty before their lesson. If your dog uses pee pads at home, bring one to your lesson.
  • Do not feed your dog before their lesson.
  • Bring easily chewable treats your dog enjoys for their lesson. We do not supply treats.